Bishops, Priests and Anchors

Bishops, priests and anchors
all they try to do is hold me down to the ground
“you no angel to fly, your wings already have been denied”
“you are just a sinner, suicide thinker”
“no sea, no ocean to you try to drown”
underneath my spike crown
my eyes seeking the heart of calm
but nothing can be found
when only punishment eyes are around
judging you, like the last stand killer
sad to think, sad thinker, inner self filler
hope is the last remaining feeling
new mantra for a dumb dumber
in a deaf world full of blind guiders
no matter, no matter
how hard why try to point the right sinner
the sentence already have been decided
see you in the other side

Noir Halloween

I can’t feel
I don’t want to
fail, fall, unheal
my broken heart,
slow beat, slow like the dance of prom queen
looks like more a halloween
masks everywhere
costumes even without make up and bad hair
sometimes the evening looks like a little noir
it’s only me
talking back my own narrative


Empirical, metaphorical
evil between the word spit and the word speak
no matter how hard it is
we must seek
seek and destroy
the enemy that decoy
our total attention
even knowing our accomplish to retaliation
weak, sick, full of greed
our enemy are fed by our ego and grief
we fed this
from the maturity of our teenage
to the end of our days