Own Realm

We can’t get far enough
from the comfort zone
from the quicksand that our feets love
bluff, we don’t care about telling another bluff
just to convince ourselves
that we have our own realm
but, if we are the pierrot
who gonna sit in the throne?

What Happened to You?

What happened to you?
are you still sleeping or
living a open eye nightmare, oh sure
it’s a living dreaming about a constant pour
like cheap wine
we drink our lies
like cheap wine
we puke our sins and bribes
What happened to you?
crawling, from roof to the floor
walking like zombie
waiting for the liberating roar of that closed door
like cheap wine
we drink our lies
like cheap wine
we puke our sins and bribes
No keys, no corridor
no way to lose the weight
of the sins that we carried and fed
no matter how strong is our faith

About cookies, unicorns and four hours sleep…

About marriage
what can I say?
You are the bride
I am the lucky man
soon will have a baby
short nights of sleep
smiles for a life, you and me
I making jokes
and baking some cookies
you teaching our little kids
about unicorns and positive quotes
the most beautiful thing in this
it’s not me dreaming
it’s about to happening
soon, my beloved darling

Just Another Black Hole

Sad, but not last
moment of regret
unspeach word
awkward moment
silence, silent
one minute more
and another moment to ignore
the simple truth that live inside the soul
maybe, I am just another black hole
nothing escape from my open void
no lights, no voice
like always, I have no choice
let’s pretend another smile
and walking alone, for awhile