Air has turned to something heavy
like spikes into your belly
dead butterflies can’t fly
sad moments stand by
a poem without feeling
a pretty line without someone to read it
an intent without meaning
a pray withtout a God to laugh on it

Dirty Floor

A king without crown
No one to follow when you’re on your own
alone, alone
following the flow
of shadows that won’t show
the meaning of this blow
that came from the soul
just to bow down
and seal up
the knees on the ground

Good lier

Thousand times
You told me the same lies
I not good enough
to keep up
sad to confess
You are really good to make a imense mess
now I understand when people say
“a lie told often enough becomes the truth”
become the truth that we can’t hide

To accomplish…

If I had one wish
simple like this
I choose to vanish
no more suffering
to who I love
no more shit, no more need of dreaming
inside of my head, screaming
how to silence it?
maybe digging a hole
to deep inside of my soul
or a hole, deep enough to cover my dead body
another wish?
to accomplish…


Like a hurricane
You came
and blowed away
All the intensity of my pain
Hellyeah, I tasted the flavour of nonsense
You brought a kind of scent
like grass kissed by the rain
and makes me feel happy again