If you read slowly, you can call it a “love haiku”

You show me how easy can be stand up and fight
Cuz, no matter how hard life beats
I can heal my wounds between your arms
so, please, hug me tight
burn my sins with your heat
kiss my lips without need of alarms

No look back

No look back
no reason for that
Anselmo already said
“…yesterday don’t mean shit”
no matter how hard this shit hit
look up, forward and move on
people like to hit the button
“you have no future, you are weak without strugle”
break the finger, show them you are ready to rumble
no weakness no softness
beat your inner demon and no one can beat you
you know what you gotta to do

“WTF I am?”(question of a modern man)

Attempt, fail, intent, frail, explain
drain you, drain you, drain
a damage directly into your brain
a self complain
“WTF I am?”
not pretty like that model in magazine cover
not successful like that one that have a Land Rover
the sky looks so far
not like this cheap wine jar
already empty
like your heart
mind full of material art
ready to be broken by your shaking greed and envy
who care about healthy?
Love, a tight hugh? Not friendly
to who seek the fortune of fake hapiness

Nobody Want Looks like a Douchebag

Ephemeral, ethereal like something eternal but like a lot of shit, so material
so solid like the a little piece of soul
21 grams of nothing tangible,
maybe the worst part of something so unstable
like this modern people full of priority
they need to fullfil the mediocrity
the best photo, a lot of tags
nobody want looks like a douchebag
lack of good sense make people do nonsense without any sense
condescending the flow of shit that must go down into our throat
the fake smile have more views than a good text
and the constant revisit of old fashion things looks dead
we always want to know what gonna happens next
forgetting the real deal about what happening now, in this present

…not unbreakable…

not unbreakable
evil deeds come from where you can’t expect
you scream for help
and only receive a target
“weak, sick, piece of shit
momma darling
sweet like a puppy
everyone envy and want a piece of it”
yeah, modernity and the evilness
liquid bullshit from wifi society
from east to west
you scream for help
will find a bullier to request
the stupid pleasure to hit you without rest

…to a evil den

Fake IP, deep web search
for something more raw, more intense
like the olds doing when go to a church
talking about sins
hoping for a soft touch
embracing their fate
spoken through another one
who don’t even care with the words
have true value or will send another innocent
to a evil den
curious to think about this poem
church or a place without limits
desperate people that need a guidance
to a comfort place that can heal their mistrust
in all these shit that society make us swallow like have a good taste

Not Ironic?

Blast off
turn down
misunderstood message like a cloud in the dark night
that dark mood isn’t soft
take off the make up off, clown
It’s funny? Still have something to laugh?
Don’t matter look up high, trying to search a star that can guide
the ego hold you down, “let’s stay on ground”
the night still calling out
still have so many clouds
funny, so many will call this ironic
but, have so many clouds, and here, with me
no one around
only shadows, a intense feeling of shallow
shallow, sad shadow, hollow…