Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: April, 2017

The Bleed of Envy and Empty

Please, let me blind and deaf
give me only my tongue to eat
break all my bones and cut off my hands
let me dying slowly, alone, I am not part of the elite

Bleed, envy of everything
that become nothing
no sense become the path
that lead us without north

Voice, the voice became
the wind that blow me away from what I want
“better dead, better”
Is all that what this awful partner said

Bleed, envy of everything
that become nothing
no sense become the path
that lead us without north


Utopia of a Sober Moment Before the Hysteria

Keep spinning, singing about the last evening
when the pain of mistress finally finds the end
without care about who gonna listen
about the seven sins
and the burn of the last cigarette into your skin
drunk, keep drinking
no head itch, if it really have the kind of importance
ignorance is bliss, so let’s pretend that we miss
the last ten seconds of soberness
mess, don’t have a carpet
to put all this mess below, oh no
the warm of the flame
of the ignorance is leaving
and giving us the moment of clarity
that living into the utopia
is the worst part of our inner hysteria…

No precisa undertender

Twice a week
I think about desistir
Oh, sorry
portuguese is my native language
maybe this night without sleep
make me think
in bilingual poem, without care
if this thing will make sense
dor is simple to understand
pain is easy to enxergar
a wound without scar
uma cicatriz que nunca vai sarar
depression it’s the mark
the kind of kharma
that have no need of translatition

Delete me

Oh God, my darling, my dear
It’s wrong when I think about
my duty in feed my fear
about how wrong am
thinking about how unnatural
punish me because I am so abnormal
full of disease that no one care
living a constant nightmare


So sad
a pretty sun outside
and a endless rain
inside my head…

Blink to See

No speak
no need
Just blink to see
the truth is here
I cannot stay far
from your smile
not even for one day

What You Really Do

You are the kind special
like an angel that came to save me, so celestial
you bring peace
where only have chaos
so calm, you put away the devil
peace, in a differents ways, in little pieces
like a lovely sunshine
you make me look up, so high
sometimes, I can feel the wind, touch the sky
and, even if have some hiatus
I know that I could find all this peace again
watching you smile

How to Kill Who Want Live Just For You?

I hope that you choke
to see you slowly
fading away from me
gimme this pleasure, please…
you know your name
I said it loud so many times
you are the most old company
that I can remember
your bitter taste
and cold temper
always wakes me up in the middle of the night
just to give me a bright
point of view
of your untimely sadly nonsense of timing
to give me bad news
no matter if you choke or explode
cut your head off
or burn you till the bones
you will never leave me alone…

Every End Must Have a Beginning

it’s not a game
it’s how we play
hard like bullet
like a shot in the head
Fell, felt, no shelter
angels deny the wings
demons waiting
no need to worry, no need to cry
the blame of live with shame
of claim a bullet to end the fame

Soft Touch

I could spend poems and rhymes, a lot of lines
full of love in these rhymes
and even better, could spend all the hours of a thousand days
to show to you how amazing is
stay close to your smile, so close of your lips
but, even that I could spend a hundred years of my life doing this
I think it’s so much better give to you a sweet taste of this huge love
with the soft touch of my kiss