by AlonEvil

Detrimental effect of reject
can’t accept
the liberal concept
of misunderstand
that we don’t care about the hypocrisy
that feed and bleed us from inside like a dead river
no matter who you think you are, hetero, prayer or gay
this river already flooded us all from inside out
shiver, that damn shiver
that makes us stop one second, think, makes us a kind of thinker
that already understood the dead end
we don’t need to a hell to go
we already find our limbo
the river already drowned us all
sad-no smile-undead-head down-devil already set
no matter all the strenght that you have
we have no chance to ascend
so, the chance is to crawl?
bow down, bow down, knees on the ground
the side effect of reality, slaps in our face, disgrace or grace?
detrimental, side effect of acceptation
we already failed and reject the liberal concept
that misundertand is just a xcuse
for our hypocrisy and misery