Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: March, 2017


Pain often misleads
using lies like plaster
trying to calcify
something that haven’t need repair
Broken heart
left behind
like something we don’t care
Pain still singing
“open your eyes and see”
it’s easy to foresee
what this trip will bring
Broken heart
left behind
like something we don’t care
Sadness lurking
surrounding, surrounding
like something untounding
choking, choking
Broken heart
left behind
like something we don’t care



And the evening glow leaving
my heart jumping, asking
about the girl with the kiss
with the hug, with the shine and the bliss
that give me chills
where is she?


Miscarriage, sabotage, underneath the pain
unclear, so far, not from here
improvisation about same theme
love, pain, hate, agony, can’t left behind
this nails hurting me again and again
shame, blame, same shit, not just a game
maybe it’s was more easy if I was deaf and blind
and use my tongue not to speak, to not to complain
maybe, just maybe
been quiet, without opinion, without brain

Ready to Paint

Sad, cracked, lack
slow beat, no beat, beaten
one heart to break is much better
than a thousand pieces of a broken heart
the sound of pieces, sharp pieces
sounds like a rotten dream, lost between
the never end process of guilty
and the easy way to stay in the past, so filthy
the fingers broken and dirty
ready to paint
the awful destiny, set by the faith
of nothing good can remain
without chaos to help the calm and the insane

So little to fix

Someone, some way
will take your heart
after midnight, in the middle of the day
no matter how, no matter how much time this gonna take
love and hate
separated by extremes and a canyon of feelings
between them, have pain, cuddle, hello and goodbye
promises and promises of many kisses, that can healing
all the wounds, scars and sacrifice
that you had to do to stay alive
a little part of your soul, just a half part of your heart
and all the agony of being alone and sad will tear apart

365 dias e algumas certezas…

Antes de te conhecer
eu só queria dormir
pois em meus sonhos
era mais fácil sorrir
do que nos momentos em que meus olhos
encontravam o amanhecer
Dias vazios
noites desistindo
de uma procura sem sentido
quem iria preencher as lacunas
deixadas por mim mesmo?
Um sorriso, um embaraço
uma troca de sorrisos emcabulados
cabelos lindos, cacheados
desde o primeiro instante
queria um abraço
seria esse o fim do vazio?
Horas de conversas, horas de textos
conhecia um pouco de ti
entregava meus desejos
sabia o que queria, nunca menti
seria por isso, sinceridade extrema
que te assustei e quase perdi?
Mas, graças ao medo, desespero
descobri que não, não havia vazio em mim
eu estava cheio
amor, carinho, rimas, poemas
precisava apenas de uma musa
alguem para dar sentido
a tudo que estava escondido…
Não há vazio, não quando estou contigo
me sinto vivo
as rimas fluem, meu amor é puro improviso
sinto que tudo posso
poeta, louco, futuro pai, namorado, futuro marido…
queria mesmo, era saber se há sentido
em tudo isso que te digo
e se, depois de um ano
posso saber se é reciproco…

Star that inspires (secret poem to my future wife)

So, one year ago
not so far
far was that star
that I looked, night after night
that I used her shine to guide
my heart, my rhymes
my tears, my fears
to find another purpose to my life
but…how blessed I am
I don’t need to look up, to the sky
the shine that I need
comes from your smile
comes from your eyes…

Secret poem about Dispair

I drove for one hour or two
drink a whole pack of beers
just to stop these tears
thinking about what I have to do
cut the thin strings of fear
leave behind the feeling
of be someone
good enough
to fill the holes
that you have in your soul
but I already know
I not good enough, even in thousend lifes and tries
to give what I most want
love…pure love…only love
to you…
Another beer,
another atempt to stop my tears
the lake is the witness
the smoke of a heavy cigar
is my alibi, my only friend
who tries to kill me, but also, give me strenght
“one more breath
end another one next day
maybe tomorrow gonna rain”
I don’t care, already rain inside my chest…

Improvisation about be bulletproof

I can hear their whispers
they walk around me, trying to intimidate
they aim to my head
I really don’t care
they can shoot all their arsenal, spend all the bullets
my weak point is my heart
but, how they gonna hit something that they don’t have?
so much yelling, so much finger pointing
the fault always come from the others, from outside
empty from inside, so much shit from out of the mind
fullness, the soft touch of regret, fullness
much easy cut the skin from someone else, so, cut
the heat is higher cos the hell is beside, boiling
inside, outside, alike
the death don’t have time
come and go, like a plume taken by the wind
like a plume is my heart
broken so many times,
that is easy to fly
from hell to heaven, my soul takes my body to another plane
where the bullets with teeth format
can’t hit me, can’t hurt me, it’s my place to hide
mute the whispers, don’t look down to these stupid
let them chase my shadow
always forward, never need to back down
suck this truth and choke with the sensation
of never know how to beat me down

So and so

Some people wait all their life
to find a moment of love
that give sense
for all the pain lived for so long
damn, so I feel so
blessed, so alive and happy for all this
life that you bring to me, with only single smile…