Time and a lot of things to realize

It’s time, time to be silent, time to realize
I am disappointed
not because of you
but, because of me, of a lot of shit
that I do…
disjointed, exploited by my insecurity
my fears tearing my skin, appointing
the hopeless moment of clarity
that I understand my misunderstood
I want be the one, the very good
the guy that want to show to you
the happiness of a simple smile
and the warm of a tight hug
simple things, simple moments
but it’s all that I have to give
for now, for a awhile
for days, weeks, months and years
maybe I must act like a thug
and steal your fears, dry your tears
but I want more than my hands can carry
I want make you feel like home
when my arms are around you
and the taste of cherry
early morning, in the good morning kiss
I want so much, that only one life can’t handle…


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