Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: February, 2017


I tried to drawing
but my limited skills in this kind of art
makes me realize that I must try
another kind of attempt to show off my love for ya
poems and lines about your smile
but, sorry, nothing can compare
the emotion that you make me feel
and the thousand poems that I write into my mind
in ten seconds before my lips have the blessing of your kiss
makes me feel so bliss
all the pain, all the agony
even if I am blind
you bring colours, light
you take all the hurt out of me
with only ten seconds…
imagine a life time
what gonna be?



Unfair moon
I know that I piss you off
I look at to you
hoping to see another muse

Like 80’s

So soft, so 80’s, like a immense loft
so careless about what gonna break your heart
so colourful, so dark, completely lost
like a poem inspired by a goth
broken like the corners of my heart, hurt, hurt
scream, help, a puddle of blood
a broken pencil, no ink in the pen, we must improvise
this declaration must shine
like the neon sign, like neon
our mind gonna exploud, great thud
tick tock, the clock won’t stop
end of 80’s
what we miss?

The 70’s and the nonsense of new 00’s

Without need of translation
this message have no direction
no interlude, no need of a presentation
many words, few have a real declaration
do you understand the affliction?
no real message here, nowhere
empty, soft and shallow
like the “love” of superstars
from the new rap and pop
ya know wtf I trying to say?
ya already followed the track?
if ya try to look back
will ya try to forget
everything that teenager with a lot of experience
tried to teach ya? do ya?
many rhymes but nothing to say, isn’t OK?
the shallow of our existence
makes us look so different
of our parents
or the good songs of 70’s
a good solo, a guy singing like a woman
with a lot of love and some
good analogies about drugs and hugs

Not a Haiku

the xcuse of an entire generation
to a immense lack of creativity
of nothing good enough, without rhythm
praying to a God to a kind of inovation
bipolar, unpopular, not singular
just another puppet
empty, empty

No Shiver…

Do me a favor
check your lips
before the next kiss
taste bitter
have the sign of a sinner
flavour? about flavour?
have the flavour of a thousand of ships
a lot of scents and a extreme sensation of miss
of the purity of the shiver

Time and a lot of things to realize

It’s time, time to be silent, time to realize
I am disappointed
not because of you
but, because of me, of a lot of shit
that I do…
disjointed, exploited by my insecurity
my fears tearing my skin, appointing
the hopeless moment of clarity
that I understand my misunderstood
I want be the one, the very good
the guy that want to show to you
the happiness of a simple smile
and the warm of a tight hug
simple things, simple moments
but it’s all that I have to give
for now, for a awhile
for days, weeks, months and years
maybe I must act like a thug
and steal your fears, dry your tears
but I want more than my hands can carry
I want make you feel like home
when my arms are around you
and the taste of cherry
early morning, in the good morning kiss
I want so much, that only one life can’t handle…

From One Year Ago…

Girl,one year ago
and I already know
you are the one
you are the woman that I want
I gave to you a ring
not made of gold, but my intention is
I really want to us use the same key
to open the door that bring us to our home
and, I hope that you like this little poem
that I really want to share with ya
my rhymes about this love
will never stop, I hope that never gone
like my buttlerflies that you feed everytime
that I see you and you smile

No no no…

People come and go
so sad to think that the bad ones
are the kind that still more impress
so what is happiness?
Just the opposite of sadness?
in the middle of this
are we, pretending
that the blue of the wound
are prettier than the red of love?

Bound, where is the damn bound!
That makes us remember how hard will be the fall
that uses neon letters to show “danger”
cracks and lacks
our heart still loving the past
Remember looks more easier than living
hit hard who always choose keep stay
forgeting who giva shit about you and your dream
sick, sick ,prick, filth trick
mind blasts the heart, injustice fight

No Superpower…

I have no superpower
I am not part of X-Men or Hell’s Kitchen crew
maybe all I have it’s this sour
taste of being so offset,
no matter the point of view
yeah, hellyeah, maybe I’m a little upset
I allways tried to be someone
with something good, to be know for
be the one
that could make difference
be the difference

I have no superpower
nothing strong enough
to make me superhuman
but…I still human, so, I can try some bluff
help me make my own snuff
no script, who need tha shit?
maybe this is my power
write my own story
but…sounds so sad
I am not Shakespere or another great writter
we gonna go back to the start?
I have no superpower…