Rain and her complain

A weak rain starts to complain
about this sadness that I carry into my eyes
“the past already pass
the present will end
at the moment that you lay
your head on your pillow
the future, we have nothing to say
you must live day by day”
the rain is now singing
about happyness and meanings
about endings and beginings
about my eyes closed
and one last dose
the choose of rope or hope
about yes and nope


Agradeço, de coração

Se meus olhos logo cedo
podem encontrar com os teus
só posso agredecer a Deus
pois ele realizou um desejo meu

E se eu perfume eu posso sentir
me leva de frente pro mar onde eu posso sorrir
feliz, tão feliz
por sentir essa paz que eu sempre quis

E o toque suave de tuas mãos em minha barba
e as mordidas e beijos em minha nuca
me fazem desejar que nunca
o tempo passe, que tu nunca pare

Pumpkin chariot

Like an stupid idiot
I believed that romantic dreams
can change the human being
So, like a pumpkin chariot
I tried to bring pretty things
like a prince
to a commoner
or the most pretty queen
to talk to the pierrot, the clown
but, how I will convince
people that don’t dream
living only in the real world
where they doesn’t have chance to be a king
or voice to protest against this sad words
…I still dreaming, believing

About moments and poems, some lines about midnight inspiration and your contribution

I looked around
everybody just lose their life
looking down,
to a cold screen
tired of seek
I just stop, believing
that I never will find
someone good enough
to love like I like
but, for my luck
I found you in this insane
great big crowd
some tears fell
and a scream from my heart I heard
“do something!” he screamed, so loud
poems, silly jokes
I am was so nervous
and felt so jealous
“How she be so calm
with all this insane storm
that I throw against her
talking about Netflix and cooking
about how I love
to stay
wake up late
thinking about the perfect rhyme
to the next morning poem…”
yes, ma’am
maybe I am a little “crazy”
or complicated, but it’s so easy,
to calm me down, to chill
all that I need…it’s you


Some people say
love sometimes delay
what I really believe
it’s more important live
even for a second
a love, the real one
no matter timing
heart healing

Um poema

Te escrevo um poema
espero que seja do teu agrado
nele conto que tu és meu amor
não é nenhum segredo
mas sempre que escrevo
fico imaginando teu sorriso
meio sem graça, meio tímido
assim como eu sempre fico
quando te encontro, sempre sorrindo