About moments and poems, some lines about midnight inspiration and your contribution

by AlonEvil

I looked around
everybody just lose their life
looking down,
to a cold screen
tired of seek
I just stop, believing
that I never will find
someone good enough
to love like I like
but, for my luck
I found you in this insane
great big crowd
some tears fell
and a scream from my heart I heard
“do something!” he screamed, so loud
poems, silly jokes
I am was so nervous
and felt so jealous
“How she be so calm
with all this insane storm
that I throw against her
talking about Netflix and cooking
about how I love
to stay
wake up late
thinking about the perfect rhyme
to the next morning poem…”
yes, ma’am
maybe I am a little “crazy”
or complicated, but it’s so easy,
to calm me down, to chill
all that I need…it’s you