Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: December, 2016

The Reason

Maybe one day
you will finally understand
or maybe…will be too late
but…let’s try, anyway
the reason that I drive so slow
when you are with me
it’s because I want more time
with you by my side
telling me about your past
laughing over me, cos how silly I can be
just to see
you smilling
the reason that I sleep so late
it’s cos I can’t hear your heartbeat
and your hand to hold, when I wake up
from a suicidal nightmare
the reason that I change my style of poems
from depression and suffering
for love and pretty things
it’s cos I found in you my muse
hope…this is not too late…
to you understand


I woke up on a stage

I woke up on a stage
I don’t need to know my character
all that I know is that I need smile
mistake, mistake
everybody can see that is fake
surprise? let’s pretend
that is my first try out

I woke up on a stage
All that I know is that I must improvise
like the last rhyme
trying to get time
to learn how I can be convincing
to speak and make you understand
that love have no explanation, only a way to exist
see? here there’s no pretending

I woke up on a stage
ready to be leaved
like I already lived…

Meaning of…

I’ll be the silence
when everyone talks
about love and smile
about past and future
about the last regret
and the meaning of my mute

Let’s sleep

I feel so complete
when your hug is tight
and I know that I can kiss you all the night
making you laugh
with silly jokes and nothing normal
but, with us, sound so natural
so, let’s lay and sleep
I promise to keep
holding your hand
until the Sun rise and shine
like you did to my life
with your smile

Share like if these lines touch your heart like the last moment that you enjoy the nature

Blind, but not from the eyes
the mind, the mind is blind
worse, not only blind, but deaf
waiting like a pig in christmas for the certain death
but must waste another breath
thinking about what makes he so sad
how he gonna appreciatte the sunshine
if he need to feel the guiltyness
of being the hipster of this fucking mess
share the bad mood,
anyway, everybody will understood
more important than nature and good vibe
is the need of looks good and nice
stay blind, leaded by another blind and deaf
nobody will applaud, so, why care about listen?

Waiting a misunderstood

Losing contact with the living
waiting, waiting
a misunderstood
with the constantly
need of being right
maybe we should
stay away of this way
but, man…it’s so hard to find something good
when we blind by the light
of the cold screen
many touchs,
but always so cold
no living thing, no one living thing
only something missing
fake heart beating
emulated by old memories
of something filthy
something rot
not like our skin or our feel of guilty
just synthetic
like the contact
with this army of zombies….


Unkind, be like
fake smile
be like drowning
in the middle of Nile
without lifeboat
without know
how to swimming
only the malevolent truth
no matter how strong you shout
nobody will jump in to save
the sad true is
you don’t need to go to Nile
to feel this despair
open your eyes
and try to take a deep breath
heavy air, heavy air
so unfair
our Nile is around of us

Rain and her complain

A weak rain starts to complain
about this sadness that I carry into my eyes
“the past already pass
the present will end
at the moment that you lay
your head on your pillow
the future, we have nothing to say
you must live day by day”
the rain is now singing
about happyness and meanings
about endings and beginings
about my eyes closed
and one last dose
the choose of rope or hope
about yes and nope

Agradeço, de coração

Se meus olhos logo cedo
podem encontrar com os teus
só posso agredecer a Deus
pois ele realizou um desejo meu

E se eu perfume eu posso sentir
me leva de frente pro mar onde eu posso sorrir
feliz, tão feliz
por sentir essa paz que eu sempre quis

E o toque suave de tuas mãos em minha barba
e as mordidas e beijos em minha nuca
me fazem desejar que nunca
o tempo passe, que tu nunca pare

Pumpkin chariot

Like an stupid idiot
I believed that romantic dreams
can change the human being
So, like a pumpkin chariot
I tried to bring pretty things
like a prince
to a commoner
or the most pretty queen
to talk to the pierrot, the clown
but, how I will convince
people that don’t dream
living only in the real world
where they doesn’t have chance to be a king
or voice to protest against this sad words
…I still dreaming, believing