Sad is the crow thats have to hunt alone

a bad way to begin
but a shortcut to get mad
it’s so evil and bad
listen your own heart and conscious cracks
because depression hits hard, driving you blind like a bat
you let the demon get in
but…you are strong
you know what I mean
strong means look up, look forward
even bleeding and dying
keep breathing
without shoes, with glass in your path
let’s don’t care
run if need
without care about meaning
we are just human being
we are made to scare
we are made to dream and turns off nightmares
let’s crack not our heart or soul
but the shit that want to consume us
let’s be the ghoul
that gonna grow
strong, like a deadly blow
will fly…like the deadly crow
that hunts everynight
for another sadly soul
forget the sadness…forget the hollow


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