Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 20 )

critical, loyal but not more like in the past
theatrical, but not like in Broadway
bad actors, no director
aghast, completely  aghast
it’s a bad day, just it, a bad day
remembers my b-day
nobody to scream “surprise”, no candles, try me a lie detector
glassed, my heart became a little piece of glass, maybe i am blessed
any move and this shit cracks
fissured, that means not completely broken
ungoing, I smile and forgot
the end is never near
when you most want it
I tried, I tried so hard
to be part, be part of this crazy shit that mean society
and, shit, I tried to finish it and in the end I be caught
some saying pretty lies slowly and a lot of “amen”
anothers trying to convince me that I am “more stronger than this”
but….suicide thinking aren’t for weakers
I can feel tongues into my cheeks, these crazy lickers
they love the agony that I provide with my epiphany
of nonsense hymn
that I sing everytime that I cut my pulse
“It’s just a bad day…its just a bad day
let me end this shit, it’s all that I want to say…”

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