Ghost and his point of view ( pt.14 )

by AlonEvil

I close my eyes
wishing is enough
this little act, this little thing
wishing it save me
not like my others attempts, even that tough
send me away from where I want to go
and into middle of the ashes of my sins
I came up with something that bring
a diferent kind of peace
maybe, I tool to finish my pain
outstanding thing
like a hot day like hell
that ends with a cold rain
and makes us believe that everything will end well

it’s just to open my eyes
and another attempt end with another fail
so…let’s keep the eyes shut…
shut like a lovely hug
…bright like this syringe
full of this luxury poison
mixed with my filth blood, hallucinogen
that makes me travel without leave this place
my bed
the grave of my dream and nightmare…