Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: October, 2016

Two lines about love

And it’s so lovely
when my eyes finds you


Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 19 )

Slowly, like a knife being sharpened by my bones
my eyes close, and trying to bring another dose
of dopamine, endorphin, sweet dreams
but my hands are full of gems and stones
another chance for a overdose?
another night full of streams
provided by my eyes
lies, cries, crying, denied
using one stone against my head
but it’s my heart that I want smash
a flash, strong enough to make me crash
maybe it’s epiphany
of my brain trying to tell me
that the end of this agony
it’s far away
like my chance of being accepted
in hell or heaven
do I have…another gem?
please, give me a hand?

How much?

Nice, what is the price?
to put a smile
that never ends
and brings peace
with a little piece
of heaven that you brings
with every little thing
that you sing to me
with the sound of your heart
and make me fly, even without wings

Ghost and his point of view (pt. 18 )

Angry, hungry, blurry
my eyes see only one colour
red, dead, creep
the pain come from the deep
inner hate, inner key to a closed door
poor, chore, gore
tick-tack, beep, click, another beep
not soft sounds, not melodies or music
only bones breaking, ribs piercing lungs
isn’t hell, isn’t heaven, for sure isn’t hell
I do not listen angels or screams from evil
even seven horns of Revelation
no bells, no damn bells
only my inner demon
feeding my angry
that keep growing, strong…
this is the wrong way? How wrong?

only God knows…


A light
it’s real a light?
or just the shine
of my eyes
seeking your bright
presence in my life?

Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 17 )

There’s another voice here
God, are you?
can you forgive me?
(silence….only silence….)
How stupid I am
trust in company here
even God denies me
only me or all human being?
or God is now inside a screen?
everyone that I see,
have their heads bowed down
I must confess, they make me laugh
stupids, all stupids, like stupids clowns
the love of their lives, passing by
their side, in front of them
but they prefer to look to a cold screen
what if I scream?
“God, you still listen?”
(no answer…)
“Hey you, little man”
(a boy, screaming about Growlithe
WTF is this shit?)
Nobody listen, nobody care
it seems right?
I am lost in middle of this
(and WTF is a damn Growlithe? A puppy?)

…half-year ago

I can tell you
it’s for sure
a half-year ago
I could not see all these colors
I could not rhyme pretty poems
or talk about love
like I do easily now
how I look forward
and see light
not darkness or deadly end

Ghost and his point of view ( pt.16 )

my lovely paranoia
fed by my hungry
of trying to bring to reality
my dreams, my sweet dreams
deadly parts of me
so deadly that kill me every time that I touch it

Ghost and his point of view ( pt. 15 )

Another rain
another opportunity
to wash out my pain

of my soul and my heart
how bad this speech will tear me apart?

Nothing to gain
always something to lose
how miserable will be this reign?

A sad Blues
played by old hands
the anthem of this king without fans

of bad magic
a king can’t play Merlin

The wine is over
my kingdom is pathetic
without plebs to applaud


Onde esta o circo?
não há mais comício?
abraços falsos, forçados risos
pobres cheios de sorte
promessas e mais promessas
todas as necessidades atendidas
num futuro indefinido
o aperto de mão amigo
já foi esquecido
basta voltar para o jantar
onde é apenas servido caviar
para seus “aliados” de lado deixar
rimas pobres para com os “chefes” rimar
palhaços de terno recem comprado
escolhem bem, de corte italiano, o modelo mais caro
quem paga são os iludidos,
aqueles coitados que vivem de subsídio
“bolsa isso” e “bolsa aquilo”
siga miserável, em quatro anos preciso de você comigo
logo te darei mais “pão e circo”