I wish I was a thought
like a good wind, that blows
but, like always, I forgot
sometimes you move, and expose
not the best part, not the good one

I wish I was a fire
to burn down bridges
that lead us to fake promises
an kingdom, ruled by a liar
who fed us, with sweet kisses and rotten candies

I wish I was a lake
where you can see your pretty face
wash your body in a warm day
of cry, this lake will never dry
or even, share your fears and tears

I wish I was a solid
like a old tree or a large piece of gold
precious, that have great valor
but, like all this poem, it’s so simbolic
my attempts of being something…

I wish, I wish
but there’s no Shenglong or Jinn
there’s only you and me
and all that I wish
it’s be the best I can, to never lose the chance
of accomplish your desires



We expect changes
created in our minds
changing reality
touching in the dark, like blind
falling and rolling
ducking sharp pieces
illusion from our hearts
already broken in thousand parts
where is the changes?
still dreaming about this
away from reality, not our responsability

Listening about now

Chino sings about “Drive”
“I don’t care where Just far”
I look up, to an empty jar
old times, past feelings, flaws strive
to appears
now, listen to “Knife Party”
“Anemic and Sweet
I could float here forever”
there’s nothing clear
I feel part of it
but it’s far from me
sober and thinking
WTF I’m doing?
“I look at the cross
Then I look away”
Changes, “Change (in the house of flies)”
how can I denied?
I want more, but how I can reach
If I must stay and wait
“Still your passenger”
Is what Maynard says…

Try to explain (for the refugee children)

How passive can we be
looking our children lost and crying
hoping the end of the day
when all the pain gonna end
they must face some fears like a grown man
and make decisions like a matriarch of a big family
“Keep swimming”
“Keep breathing”
“Keep believing”
childhood lost, between a sea and a storm
of rage and hipocrisy
“what is peace?”
is the question that we will try to explainsiria

Sun and Moon

The rising sun feels envy
cos, before I appreciate him
I already saw your picture
and speak your name

The moon feels envy
cos, before you came
she was my muse, my greatest influence
but now, it’s you, little J

Safe Home

John Bush sings
“You have always been my safe home
I walk, I run, I burn out into you
You have always been my safe home
My whole world has moved on”
and makes me believe
that this music was made for me
to listen right now, after seeing you leave
your arms, that hug me so tight
protect me from demons in the middle of the night
and warm me in the morning
your hug became
my safe home

Stand Up

No bearing
sometimes it’s so scary
nobody to put you up, only anchor or rancor
true friends don’t need to swearing
but sometimes you need to listen some bitter words
to understand what is real and who is pretending
sometimes truth can cut, deep cut, like a heavy sword
but it’s better lose an arm than live into a little pretty liar world
where people tell you shits about how good will be
something that never show up and never you can get it
look up, stand up, move forward
dry your tears, don’t be afraid of be a coward
be afraid of stay down, crying and blaming God
you have enough strenght
to hit back who try to fuck up your way
so stand up and shake up the dust
be your own need of trust
make the demons being afraid
of who you can be