It’s a morning yearning
your lips into mine
soft touch, like wings of angel
from inside, I can feel the burning

my eyes feel so blessed
when they can see you
the first thing in the morning
you are always like “a good morning”, even better if your are undressed

morning love
and I feel better
your hug after
my personal heaven

It’ a afternoon yearning
take a coffee with you
with time like a Bolt
running minutes like a seconds

and I keep returning
takin every little second
to appreciate your beauty
and keep this writting

like a thousand times I already said
you are the most pretty poem
that I can never write
but I still trying

It’ a night yearning
lay my head
into your chest
listening your heart, slowly

like a hushabye
you softly calm me down
to sleep and keep dreaming
about me and you

It’ a life yearning
be so lucky
to live and find
someone like you


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