Don’t wake me up (only with a long kiss)

…and I dream
about you, knocking on our door
because you forgot your keys
and I will hold your hand,
asking for one more kiss (or four)
so please, please
don’t leave me alone here in this dream
wake me up only if
you will give me more than four kisses
and stay with me in our bed


Ela é minha contradição predileta
o meu café mais açucarado
minha desnecessária despedida
a manhã mais corrida
a tarde mais curta
a noite menos comprida
o sonho que nunca tive
pois, mesmo que eu seja criativo
jamais poderia criar alguem tão maravilhosa e sublime
que me faz desejar coisas que nunca tive

Para meu amor

Meu amor tem jeito e nome
chame baixinho, prometo que ele responde
cada beijo arrepia
me beije mais um pouco, até sentir um frio na espinha
o ar parece mais leve
mesmo quando minha mão pesada toca tua pele
e em teu abraço apertado
meu sorriso pode ser encontrado

Long trip

Babe, can you hold my hand?
it’s a long trip that I want to do
maybe only one backpack isn’t enough
but we can buy another one
but, the most important here
is that I really want you with me
but, like I said before
it’s a long trip…
I want to meet new places
look to another sunrises
walking through different kind of cloudy days
with your hand holding mine
and, when we feel tired
we lay, side by side
and we will count some stars,
or I will find another constellation into your eyes
I already told ya why I love to spend some nights
watching you sleep?
(maybe in another poem…
remember, now I want to convince ya
to take this trip with me)
So, about the trip
I have no better partner
and I confide in ya, your hand guides me
so…do you want to spend some years
helping me to convince ya
that you are the one that I choose
to explore this whole universe
that only have some sense
since the first time I saw your smile


If the sun refused to shine
I cannot see any problem
I just need remember your smile

I promise, it’s no lie
you illuminates, not only a cloudy day
or the most dark night
you illuminates my life
you smile, and I can confide
there’s no black hole or trap in my way

So… please… smile to me
brings your light to our life
show me the prove that I always ask for
that God sent to me an angel
and I don’t need nothing more

No answer

I just keep on staring
the lake and his silence
no answer for my questions
no question for me to answer

Sometimes, silence have a lot of suggestions
“listen to your heart, without anger”
“keep walking, without care about past”
“head up, courage and enthusiast”

Sometimes, silence is the answer that we seek
a soft way to end discussion withou speak
or, give to our souls a chance to talk and listen
so, lake, i’m sorry
but I must talk to another soul, another human being