something is missing
like your smile, like we kissing
the warm from my chest
still here… waiting to see you coming

I need to see you coming, and don’t leaving
staying with me, in a endless hug
warm me up, like a large coffee mug
lay your chest, to laugh, to cry
I want to help you whatever have happend

hushabye, hushabye
and never ready to say goodbye

Só dizer…

Só queria dizer
que não foi como pensei
um dia ficar sem te ver
é o mesmo que negar tudo o que sonhei
te ver sorrir e não poder interagir
saber que não é por mim
traz um vazio, faz sofrer…

Rhymes into skin

No more lights
only the darkness of the night
that embraces our fears, our bitterness
into the darkness of our rooms, of our lives
secrets that we keep under our pillows
lines that we fill with rhymes
writting in our skins, with razors and knifes


She became
the first thing in the morning
but, not the last thing before bed
because she still with me while I dream
charming, her smile are so charming
and her kiss, paints my grey reality
into a lot of colours, like purple, blue, red
making a party into my chest, so churning

walking slowly

You and I walking slowly
don’t need to worry
the destiny is our bed
but, before that
let’s leave some footprints in the sand
or walk around with moon been our witness
of declarations of love
involve me, involve
let’s forget our evil enemy
time, always him, the time
but… even him, have envy
so, let’s pretend that he was invited too
to our private party

something bitter

A dose of something bitter
whisky, vodka
or maybe it is the taste of some words
choking into my throat
deliverance, deliverance
of any reminder, note or poem
not about Jesus, Buddha or Allah
sorry “God”, but I want my paradise right now, in this world

Sharp teeth
tearing my skin
no pain, no pain
only pleasure
finally, alive, living
crying, crying
the air is heavy
your body above me
sweet taste of sweat
your nails at my chest
taste my skin after
this sexy moment of our souls
slip with me
into the deep
of paradise that is…