I look the half moon
And looks so much like me
Without you
Have a part missed
Not completely pretty
Like me, without you here



You give me reason to smile
Not only because of your “great jokes”
But because your existence
The way that you walk
The way that our body talk
How you smile when we kiss
How simple things become so bliss
You make this
(even if you 88% “good jokes… =P) 

About bad actors and society

Maybe we all are actors in a cage
acting with a lot of improvisation, without knowing the speeches
with a lot of cameras, ready to snap a bad moment
ready to set we off from the stage
and maybe, a fake lament, or a lot of peaches
to give a sweet taste
to our falling down of the mainstream
sometimes, be the underdog have a kind of privilege
you already know what is the sound of the heart broken
you already know the sound of the laugh from the clowns
so, have nothing to fear
why do you crying? why this lot of tears?
Oh… sorry, my dear…
You think that you can still up on the stage?

Inspired by Heidelberg Romantics =)



Don’t need a pair of wings
to fly away, close to thee
all I need is think
imagine your smile, your open arms
and I can pretend that I am an angel
find in your eyes my paradise
you are my muse for all my poesy

Above the clouds

From the first time I saw you till now
I know it’s a miracle happening
an angel I saw, don’t ask me how

My eyes are filled with tears
you are so pretty, you makes me forget my fears
with your kiss I reached the sky, above the clouds
with your touch my mind reminds that my body still in the earth
and there’s no need of warning or care
because you are here with me and your touch is all that I need

Needs and feelings are filled here
like flowers in spring, like bright Sun in the summer
and all that I want is another day, another month, another….

Sentimental visionary man

Oh, a sentimental fool am I
thinking about things that even yet happen
and with my eyes full of tears, ready to cry
but…that would be a big lie
if I say that I cry because it’s about something bad
my eyes are full of tears, because I never think about
buy a house, with some dogs and cats
with a pretty girl waiting for me…
maybe when it happen, she already read more then a thousand poems
about me, about her, about us
and there’s a point without discuss
when all it happen, I’ll be loving you even more