Sometimes, we forgot
to take care of our best friend
inside a cage, he never stop
broken many times, but still beats
our hearts…
a million little pieces
he still beating
sometimes, forgetting how bad we take care of him
sometimes, he must pretend
that he is smiling
but even his tears are dry
and slowly… he is dying
our hearts…
slowly, suffocating
drowning in what makes he alive
dying, slowly, dying, he stops fighting
our hearts…
oh, you do not identify?
sorry, all this pain makes me blind…
you already killed your heart
living like a zombie, whispering about dead feelings
killing old fashion odds
my heart….
slowly beating, so deaf sound of nothing
dying alone….
my heart….


She is like…

She is like the most beautiful poem
without ending, without metric
without need of rhyme, but always with the best lines
look to her is always so poetic
lines, rhymes and ideas come so easy,
makes me look so frantic
improvising rhymes with her pretty smile
everything with her looks like a dream
the unattainable kind of poesy



Take a look around
a lot of people don’t want to see you leave the ground
you must bow down, if they can’t fly you must stay down
they feel like a king, but they don’t need a crown
and you must be the jester, don’t forget the red nose, you must be a clown
sorry, my friend
but I must confess
I don’t give a damn
for what a lot of people think or rethink, I really don’t give a shit
so, if I do
why can’t you?


Um repente

O som, veio de surpresa, de repente
como um belo improviso, mas só surgiu por ser de dupla, como um repente
vêm direto do peito, de onde só se ouvia lamento
agora esta pulsante, alegre, vivente
tua culpa, fique ciente
onde antes havia apenas o vácuo
um niilismo onisciente
há agora um estandarte
esperando os rabiscos, que venha a tua arte
preenchida com as mais vivas cores, em tons variados
como se tornou o ritmo do coração, agora empolgado
rimando e ritmando
ás vezes acelerando
sempre que pode encontrar com teu olhos


Improvisation about emptiness gen

Some people fill their mouths to talk about for what they fought
and they think that a fake scar or a sad melody
can bring some kind of respect… yeah, feel the taste of hypocrisy
there’s no cause for their alarm to play, but it’s the most louder thing that you gonna listen
blame God for a little, but before leave the bed they believe they are already forgiven
“we do a lot of good things, we share our happiness via snaps and IG”
who tha fuck care about silly things?
yeah, you know whatta I mean…
but have a lot of dummies and fellas that need fill their emptiness
living through another lives, another fake dreams
so, who do you gonna blame?


You ease my pains with your hands
giving me a comfort with my head on your chest
making me remembering the beach, with my feet at the sand
watching the waves, thinking about you, about the pain that I left



Dreams…and hope to be realized

And I dreamed about a kid
with a fluffy hair, smile in his face
I am seated in the backyard
laughing a lot, listening to his story, about what he did
there’s so much love in this place
and I felt a little tightness in my chest, but not a bad kind
cuz at same time
I look to the door, and I can see her…
she smiles to me, says something…
Only God knows how much I want this…