IMProvisation without meaning or reason, just to relax my imagination

I try to stand firm into soil
even when gravity fails
and our feet can’t touch the floor
so let’s watch from above, like a gargoyle
the perfect voyeur, with long nails
spiked deep into a building so tall like a dream
made of flesh and bones
and from above, you can touch the clouds
and try to explain why the angels stay away, walking around
and why demons stay free to touch us and rip our will
details, details, details
demon lives in details, like a rose with beautiful petals
you forgot to watch out the thorns, now you are bleeding
bleed to purify, but who can say how pure we are?
how many lives you need bleed to purify?
and the gravity still out of work
this sensation is like eat a soup with a fork

Maybe it’s better stop to listen Tricky
before sleep and dream about it
this should be a candy flip
but this improvisation is about a process of rethink
rhymes about crazy looped dreams
where I fly away, watching from above
how deep are our sins and a lot of open coffins


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