Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: April, 2016


I remember synchronize
our heart beats
to slowly calm down
and enter into your dreams
I try to seed
but I realize how lost I became
when you hold my hand
and even awake
I still feeling your touch, your presence


A few months and counting..

From the pills for the whispering
passing through alcohol and suicidal thinking
sickened by my own hands
taking pictures with black and white filter
no need colours when you only see gray
but this kind of certain
it’s like fake chinese porcelain
pretty to our eyes, but fragile like our hearts
and we keep walking through barbed wire
or broken glass without shoes
taking this pain like truth
and I running through
hoping the end of this nonsense amount of lines
bad humor, bad rhymes about bad vibes, stupid bad humor
concealing the truth of this tumor
that keeps my lungs full of this poison
spread into my heart
that seems to want lose
what a beautiful disgrace
put an end in this sadistic plan
of anxiety and depression have making all these years
prove me wrong it’s so amazing, awesome
that I love to laugh about it
a few months and counting…


Turn off the TV
Get out of internet
Take a walk through the streets
Listen the birds singing
Look to one tree
Hug this living thing
Take a deep breath…
are you alive
or just pretending?

At coffee shop

At the first time
That I saw an angel
Was in a coffee shop
But… Hey, in Brasil, coffee shop only sells coffee, ok?
So, it’s not an hallucination
Or drug effect
It’s only her perfect smile
her curly hair and unique scent
that sends me close to the heaven

Not special…

Sometimes I start crying
thinking about what i’ve have done
remembering that I wanted to be a writer
or member of a metal band, maybe the singer
yes, I always dreamed about be an artist
someone special, that can bring a message
but, after 32 years…
I look at my reflection in the mirror
and start crying…

Every second with…

Maybe I am not capable to say
or even write, I doesn’t know words to describe
how good is stay with you,
for a second or two
but I want to invest all these moments
to show to you, how amazing is
love you

Sorry, Moon…

The moon tells me a secret
and I think she want me to keep it
but it’s so pretty
why don’t share it?
but it’s already shared
the moon is jealous
want my attention back, want to be my muse again
but…it’s wrong, a big mistake
I already find my moon
a girl who guide me into the dark room
shine so bright that illuminates my heart, cure my ache
Sorry, Moon…
but this poem, again, it’s not for you…


The poetry that comes from the weird is something different to appreciate
how you can find beauty in the dissonance
or understand what you don’t feel or understand?
You can’t be part of what you can’t see or listen
your heart already stops because it’s frozen and dead
like your soul that already been ripped by dreams that you forgot
you choose be blind and deaf
guided by others that can not feel nothing, talking about
dreams that share to be pointless, to feed envy and blame
to drown in their own misery
to enjoy the epiphany
of laugh from the weird
that no one understand how to appreciate

Rhymes about first time and smiles

There is no more melancholy
when I hold the hand of my ebony
and she inspires a symphony
full of rhythm and melodies
inspired by unicorns and cookies
or jokes and cuties
she makes me believe in my poems and soft touch
but still have a trucker that sometimes need to show
that even the pure love must have some dirty words
and no matter what we do my girl is the north
that makes me look to the sky and say thanks to the creator
this could be a hip hop or indie music
full of meaning, full of feeling, full of inspiration
so it’s better stop this and show to you my trick
of make her smile and have no words to describe
like me in the first time that I saw her…

Yeah, I am not Shakespeare… but I have my rhymes

Love is what you hear
from every breath that I take
“I love you more everyday”
is what I want to say
slowly and calmly, close to your ear
where you can feel my breath
and touching my face
yes, I am not Shakespeare
but this kind of rhymes
came to me inspired by your eyes
eyes that shine like moon
and you hug me and stay quiet
knowing this is not a mistake
it’s just like a statement
that I can sign everyday