by AlonEvil

And it takes close to 24 hours
to hit me right where I want
after some tears and honesty
she gave to me a letter, with a combination of some of my poems
with the lake like testimony, this place of solitude now is ours
she said that idea of ask me about relationship in that place
it’s to give me a new kind of experience
when I sit alone in that bench
remembering that now, I am not alone
that hug can be a home
new pages of my story will be writes
with her by my side
our silly jokes now can have a new potential
and our love can be exponential
the cold wind hit our skins
but the warm from our hearts make it look so little
don’t want to let you go, like always
but now, looks different
have something in your eyes, the words that you speak
“I love you”, without fear
you choose the right place, my dear
to make me the most happy man from this Earth
I must say Universe, but I must reserve something to next poems