Life is unpredictable
sometimes you talk with demons, sometimes with angels
and no, not only scary and awful
things come out of blue
sometimes, it’s a pretty smile that shows up
the most tight hug
or the most different kind of love
something like a storm, poetical
like her beauty
it’s so unique
like my feelings for this petit
and isn’t predictable
even if I write every single day
like I already do this for few weeks
but you, my dear
it’s inspiration for years

That letter…

I am not Constantine
but I have no problem to fight
against thousand demons
to keep the Sun bright
to warm your body
when I am not by your side

I am not the Crow
but I am sure that I feel the same kind of love
that bring him from the dead
because our love is this strong, so strong
Darling… you are my love

I want to be your Constant
yeah, I know, you don’t watched this episode
or any other of Lost
but the important here is, my love for you is crescent

Yes… this poem
is inspired in that letter
that you delivered to me
and made one of most chaotic days
turn into one of most intense
night of this new life…
and I read it everynight…

Let it go

My heart are a million pieces
of something beautiful
but sometimes, pitiful
but looking for the good side, always will have meaning
maybe something charming
or something with a deep need of understanding
no, I’m not dope
but there’s some lacks of hope
when I see my face in the mirror
and I only see a blur
no, I’m not a victim
in this act, I’m both hero and villain
many times, more than a dozen
my antagonist it’s this sick blur
but I can close my eyes and feel
my million small pieces beating, talking
that I really don’t need to be this sick enemy
or even better, my own hero
I just need to take a breath
and let it go


There’s no other girl
that gave me chills
like this little one
with wonderful smile
“best jokes”
(she gonna kick my ass, because this line above)
warm hugs
lovely kisses
yeah… she is the girl…


the words choke on
inside the throat
and if they came from the heart
it’s a crime don’t let them free to
enthrall our lives, our souls
if they came from the mind
still a crime not share what you think
because words don’t need be used only to compose
pretty poems, lovely quotes
it’s perfect to use
to guide us to another place
to appreciate
the sound of your voice….

Many names, only one meaning

Daniels is the first nickname
That I gave to her
Trying to make a comparison
About how she make me feel
And my appreciation for whisky
Both give me chills
Both make me sleep laughing
Both make me smile…

Little J is the second nickname
And I used like a secret code
I already in love
But I could not expose
Yes, sound sad
But inside my heart,
Was an intense party
Every line that I wrote
Thinking about her smile

Little L is the new one
Now it’s more easy to understand
There’s no need to pretend
She is my little love
The one that still give me chills
And leading the party
Inside my happy heart
Leading my dreams
To Wonderland…