About tears and fears

There’s no silence
My heart slow down the beat
A demon asks about this tears
“it’s only my fears”
Let me drink this, he said
“please, get drunk”
He look a little disappointed
“I can smell love, and this is disgusting”
“it’s all that I have to offer ”
He laughed and asked “love make you suffer?”
I smile and answer
“love make me stronger
Stronger enough to face you and smile”
“And your fears?”
I take a deep breath and said
“they showed to me my weakness,
And how I can be merciless”



You are my temptation
The one that won’t lead me to hell
But if I need to go through
I do it well
No fire can burn me
No blade can tear me
My armor is sealed
By my need to be
The man that can bring
Smile and happiness to
My little girl, my precious J

Take a deep breath and jump

Her name taste so sweet
When I remember her lips
She brings a wave of good things
How deep is the ocean
That she is?
I take a deep breath
And go into an unexpected discovery
Hope this travel take years
Like the time that I spent  expecting
There’s no secret that I’m in love
With this wonderful new world
Maybe have storms to come
Or sharks and krakens
But adventures must have a challenges
That I will enjoy to face
Because darling, you are the best place
To stay


In silence
Only a slow beat
Thousand of little pieces
Of a broken heart
That speak no more
Only murmuring
About moments, things
That no more exist


Old fashion
Maybe unfashion
The last romantic
Maybe sounds pathetic
Or maybe I just don’t care
Because it’s good be this guy
That believe in love at first sight
That my heart breaks in every goodbye
But beats even stronger when listen to your voice
And I remember my choice
To make her happy
Even without any explanation from me
Of how much better she make me feel
How good if these dreams become real
Maybe, this is the real deal
From this hopeless romantic
That uses lines to express
Maybe uses to much, maybe a little frantic
Trying to make some magic
To bring this lines to reality