Many songs, one direction (no, not the band…)

by AlonEvil

Cornell sings about be a stone
But I am a human being
Deep inside I am bleeding
How to screw up with a perfect night?
Asking about something you can’t fight
And feed your demons that live inside
They always look so hungry
There’s no trust in what they whispering
Be strong, be brave
Hatebreed already said
“smash your enemies”
But how to kill this fuckers?
“I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim”
It’s exactly what I fell, BMTH sings perfectly
Maybe it’s time to stop listening and trying to live
Without regrets, without ghosts of my past
Depression, anxiety, loneliness
They fucked me for many years
End with this cry, no more tears
I already sings in her ears “Drive”
“Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there
With open arms and open eyes, yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there
I’ll be there”
So, it’s time to get up and live it