Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: February, 2016

Lips and bites

And she brings
A sweet taste in her lips
A cuddle full of bites (!!!)
Yes, she is the one… How I can deny?


My harbor

And there’s a place
Where I found peace
Where I can talk without shame
That you are my girl… And I want be your man
This place is so safe
That I don’t want to you leave me
This place is close to your heart
Your chest is my harbor
And I want to stay close enough
To use your heartbeat to always find this peace
That you inspires inside of me
And gives me courage
To ask you to explore this huge sea
Of promises and love
That I want to show to you… 

Many songs, one direction (no, not the band…)

Cornell sings about be a stone
But I am a human being
Deep inside I am bleeding
How to screw up with a perfect night?
Asking about something you can’t fight
And feed your demons that live inside
They always look so hungry
There’s no trust in what they whispering
Be strong, be brave
Hatebreed already said
“smash your enemies”
But how to kill this fuckers?
“I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim”
It’s exactly what I fell, BMTH sings perfectly
Maybe it’s time to stop listening and trying to live
Without regrets, without ghosts of my past
Depression, anxiety, loneliness
They fucked me for many years
End with this cry, no more tears
I already sings in her ears “Drive”
“Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there
With open arms and open eyes, yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there
I’ll be there”
So, it’s time to get up and live it


No fear about what I will tell
maybe that’s why I already have my place in hell
Many lies and corruption of my soul
I did not believe I’d live so long
But here I am, alive and breathing
with a lot of scars to tell my story
ready to get up and find another battle
with lucky, maybe, I can find a redemption
a lesson lived is a lesson learned, time to ascension
leave behind this fucking depression
I can handle my resurrection

Can’t reach

Can’t you see?
Maybe it’s only me
Happiness don’t need to be
A isolated island
Far away from here
And there’s no boat to get there
And I am drowning trying to reach
Maybe this island isn’t for me
Maybe I don’t deserve it…


I put a rope around my neck
The words before do that
Are about how stupid I am
I spit my feelings
Without regret
But they shoot back
Directly in my heart, right in my head


There’s only truth in these tears
A dose of pain that can make me hallucinate
The words choked up into my throat
The blood flows through my heart
Something push me down
This fucking feeling of being the clown
Years of experience in laugh
When tears trying to make me drown
Face this like a man is the statement
Boys can run away from their problems
But a old one can’t live with laments
Must be strong enough to end with this monolog
I am not a secondary character
I have skills to be the protagonist
The one that can lead
To an end without tears

About tears and fears

There’s no silence
My heart slow down the beat
A demon asks about this tears
“it’s only my fears”
Let me drink this, he said
“please, get drunk”
He look a little disappointed
“I can smell love, and this is disgusting”
“it’s all that I have to offer ”
He laughed and asked “love make you suffer?”
I smile and answer
“love make me stronger
Stronger enough to face you and smile”
“And your fears?”
I take a deep breath and said
“they showed to me my weakness,
And how I can be merciless”


You are my temptation
The one that won’t lead me to hell
But if I need to go through
I do it well
No fire can burn me
No blade can tear me
My armor is sealed
By my need to be
The man that can bring
Smile and happiness to
My little girl, my precious J

Slow down the pace

Slow down the pace
no matter how fast you can run
you will never win this race
need patience
to enjoy and appreciate
the beauty of this moment
maybe the last before…