Born to lose
born to be alone
it’s awful to say it, but it’s true
sick depression feeded by the conclusion
that i’m this fucking person…


4J – or,”How Incubus make a lot of sense now”

It’s amazing how she “Drive” me
Made me smile and now, all the lyrics of Incubus make sense
But even if our objectives are like “Oil and water
and we are not more “Adolescents
but I know that I can make you fell the same
all I know is that “I wish you were here
cuz your smile is so wonderful
OK OK, “Pardon me” for this eulogy
I know that, maybe, I’m suffocating you
but also, a “Privilege“, to can say to you how I feel
And, again, I know how “Love Hurts“… but, if you give me a chance
I can prove how good this could be
so… “Are You In?


(all “” it’s songs from the amazing  band Incubus, check out the links!)

To Guide You

maybe it’s late, already it’s our hour
remember to say goodbye and don’t look back
the past it’s left behind and there will stay
even if look forward you see only fade to black
life isn’t a monster feed with fear and regrets
so calm down and step ahead
one step and you already not in the same place
the idea of a better place, use imagination to create your own palace
a new beginning only happens when something is finished
keep head up
remember that for aeons you have the warm of the Sun
Sun that enlightens the moon to guide you through the dark of lonely nights
from the sky I will guide you,
beloved son


Let’s put it in a screen, a widescreen
we write a a script, think about a big movie
but with no resources, we need to rethink
no big names for actors, it’s only you and me acting
so, it’s so funny to think about it
my part is a full drama, maybe some jumpscares and a deadly end
but when I read your part, you make me question my potential in this art
your script is pure improvisation, you really believe in our talents
you make me smile, so let’s “improvise”


The choice of the wrong word
it’s dangerous like a sharp sword
can cut of your arms, can rip your chest
the meaning it’s so fragile, that sometimes you feel blessed
it’s a bless be so ignorant, it’s a bless be so abreast
so that’s why you always speech without think?

Simple Lie

Let’s begin with a simple lie
only you and I
I pretend that I care
you pretends that you understands
every word to you it’s sharp like a knife
every wound from you it’s like a trophy, made me a champ
every hug it’s like an armageddon
but when our eyes collide, it’s like a phenomenon
Thunderstorm and earthquakes, Tsunamis and apocalypse
Oh darling, sorry, I forget
it’s just to be a simple lie, something easily to pretend…

Blood as ink

Carved inside
dead poems and no sight of light
empty promises echoing
knife is the pen, your arms the paper
there’s nothing left, good feelings are dead and rotten
look forward and see nothing
you are not blessed by blindness
see all the happiness that you can’t get
it’s the worst nightmare that you can have….