White stars and black horses

I took the last bottle of whiskey
The sky look so bright
I can draw your face with stars
I found your smile behind a cloud
My cat ask for attention
And looking to my bottle, it’s empty
But it’s OK, you keep smiling to me
But now, maybe it’s a black hole
But the stars disappear, you are not here
I’m alone in this claustrophobic wide open space
It’s lovely, trust me
Maybe I will write a poem or two about it
But first, I must find my conscious
And stop being drunk…


The “T”quote

I raise the bar, don’t give a damn
it’s time to forget who I was, show who I really am
who cares about the mask that I wear? if this shit is happy or sad?
Inside me I am already dead
so hellyeah, let’s keep pretending
that i am just a drunk-bald-fat-fake-happy guy
that don’t give a fuck about this, that or whys
and let’s keep this party high
“Fake Plastic Trees”, stop playing loud this “Creep”
“No surprises” if the I discover “How To Disappear Completely”
but I no “Lucky” one, and forgive me if I forget
the sad one forget to “Go To Sleep”
but fuck it, the big “T” are “Back In Business”
like “T.N.T” I can explode in any minute, but that’s OK, remember “Bad Boy Boogie”?
“They said drop, I said go
They said fast, I said slow
They said lost, I said no…”
Trucker pride always ready to xplode with your mind
I no fucking new kind of rapper, or something better
I just write this things to redirect my anxiety and my hate
to open up my mind, maybe make me believe
that if all this shit have a little sense, I can be guided by myself, unblind


(“Fake Plastic Trees”, “Creep”, “No surprises”, “How To Disappear Completely”, “Lucky”, “Go To Sleep” are all songs from the great band Radiohead!
“Back In Business”, “T.N.T”, “Bad Boy Boogie” are all songs from the great band AC/DC)


Nerd dreaming

So, let’s talk about this shit
Depression, obsession and anxiety
It’s what makes me move, feel alive and greedy
That’s why I supposed to live in Arkham asylum
Next to Joker cell, talks about killing or be kill
Who don’t want to be next to Harley Quinn
Or fight for this sick little world
Full of people like you
Game of pretend and care
Just to fake cares and wills
Full of hopeless and regrets
Or maybe it’s just me living in my own Silent Hill
Fighting my sins, fighting my demons
Asking why always alone
But this is just the right thing doing wrong
Disease that feed me through my bones
My guts are full of this maggots
Telling me how awful I need to become
It’s like a toxin, maybe I am a zombie
Live in this world waiting my Nemesis
Like in Resident Evil, maybe I will be kill by Chris or Jill
Doesn’t matter if I can be save by Man of Steel
this insane crossover it’s so sick and must end
But if I doesn’t talk about Evil Within
It’s gonna sounds so crazy
Like me right now without you kissing me


32 years battle… LOSER

My mind play tricks on me
my heart it’s broken and my body is full of disease
how could I disagree
my hands are dirty, my conscious is filthy, my dreams are empty
LOL, you really think this is the end?
I don’t deserve suicide, I already tried
my penance is to stay alive
to keep pretending that one day I gonna regret
for all this bullshits that I make you read and it’s hard to understand
it’s drama? Depression? Anxiety? Bullshit?
It’s only I staring at mirror and asking “why”…
But you don’t want know about it
it’s about me, my mistakes, my sins, my shits
I tried to change, to fit
there is no hole where I can be buried
yeah, fire, like an old viking, send me to a boat in flames
so, it’s time to reclaim my place
limbo, heaven, hell
I don’t give a fuck about name
I just want to feel good, stay well
but it’s hard how do this when my enemy is within me
fuck me up and give me nails
I will do what I need to do with myself