About saturday night… and last 3 dates =)

My silly face have a direct connection with her smile
her lips make me reach the sky
and even if my wings have been denied
I ‘d rather fall from heaven than to deny my instinct to kiss you, so let’s fly
lie on your chest , listen to your heart, make me feel glorified
laugh with you, inside my room, I can say that “I like you”, looking into your eyes
and it’s so good to lose myself in her embrace
that thinking about never do it again is so hard, makes me terrified
but let’s forget the drama, it’s saturday night, make me be your lover
shut me up with your lips, let me show you my “moves”, ya know what I mean
I hope one day spend a night with you so long like this poem
and prove to you that “I like you” gets me high, much more than opium
so yeah girl, I ‘m not only in “little love”
but I can wait a little more…
to change the status to “completely adicted to you”



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