(+18) Blissed middle finger

So, let’s think about what i missed
you think that i’m blissed
but let me xplain that I don’t give a damn for what ya think
you believes that you can judge me
cuz you are perfect and know the path
but let me introduce to you my middle finger
he means “fuck”, but it’s funny imagine what passes into your mind
buck, duck, puck, suck… yeah, i still remember how pure you are
but acting like an angel don’t mean that you can’t be a demon, right?
yes, yes my darling, you don’t need to have a tail or horns,
but you already thinks like a whore
but, hey, don’t point ya finger to me
I don’t give a damn, remember?
It’s you the perfect saint here
So, before judge me, judge your self, little shit


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