The “T”quote

I raise the bar, don’t give a damn
it’s time to forget who I was, show who I really am
who cares about the mask that I wear? if this shit is happy or sad?
Inside me I am already dead
so hellyeah, let’s keep pretending
that i am just a drunk-bald-fat-fake-happy guy
that don’t give a fuck about this, that or whys
and let’s keep this party high
“Fake Plastic Trees”, stop playing loud this “Creep”
“No surprises” if the I discover “How To Disappear Completely”
but I no “Lucky” one, and forgive me if I forget
the sad one forget to “Go To Sleep”
but fuck it, the big “T” are “Back In Business”
like “T.N.T” I can explode in any minute, but that’s OK, remember “Bad Boy Boogie”?
“They said drop, I said go
They said fast, I said slow
They said lost, I said no…”
Trucker pride always ready to xplode with your mind
I no fucking new kind of rapper, or something better
I just write this things to redirect my anxiety and my hate
to open up my mind, maybe make me believe
that if all this shit have a little sense, I can be guided by myself, unblind


(“Fake Plastic Trees”, “Creep”, “No surprises”, “How To Disappear Completely”, “Lucky”, “Go To Sleep” are all songs from the great band Radiohead!
“Back In Business”, “T.N.T”, “Bad Boy Boogie” are all songs from the great band AC/DC)


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