Many names and only one really matter

Damn, I can’t fill this lines like a great poet
even with great inspiration, of Poe, Emily Dickinson, Alighieri, T. S. Eliot
Maybe I can talk about Robert Burns too, but his irony it’s completely different
and your name isn’t Ana, right?
But I promise someday whisper “The Fornicator”… Burns was a philanderer
I can use some names of great philosophers,
like Locke, Epicurus, Quine or Plato
but, for now, I don’t care about caves or existence
or even about wine, stars and crow
it’s your name that I want to write
it’s about this whole universe that I saw looking into your eyes
and the warm of your arms
about first thing in the morning it’s about the memory of your smile
and all this good stuff that you bring to me… how I can denied?


About saturday night… and last 3 dates =)

My silly face have a direct connection with her smile
her lips make me reach the sky
and even if my wings have been denied
I ‘d rather fall from heaven than to deny my instinct to kiss you, so let’s fly
lie on your chest , listen to your heart, make me feel glorified
laugh with you, inside my room, I can say that “I like you”, looking into your eyes
and it’s so good to lose myself in her embrace
that thinking about never do it again is so hard, makes me terrified
but let’s forget the drama, it’s saturday night, make me be your lover
shut me up with your lips, let me show you my “moves”, ya know what I mean
I hope one day spend a night with you so long like this poem
and prove to you that “I like you” gets me high, much more than opium
so yeah girl, I ‘m not only in “little love”
but I can wait a little more…
to change the status to “completely adicted to you”


Lone wolf

Lone wolf
the old one
only shadows behind him
whispers of malevolence, shouts of hypocrisy, a new hymn
blinded by a shine that doesn’t disappear from his memory
a shine that can guide him, from out of the darkness
through a storm, guide him to clearness
he have no place to stay, no place to hide
that even if have a sunny day out there, he still see only cloudy
tired of run behind his own tail, it’s time to stop… tired and lonely
and think about how it’s gonna end

(+18) Blissed middle finger

So, let’s think about what i missed
you think that i’m blissed
but let me xplain that I don’t give a damn for what ya think
you believes that you can judge me
cuz you are perfect and know the path
but let me introduce to you my middle finger
he means “fuck”, but it’s funny imagine what passes into your mind
buck, duck, puck, suck… yeah, i still remember how pure you are
but acting like an angel don’t mean that you can’t be a demon, right?
yes, yes my darling, you don’t need to have a tail or horns,
but you already thinks like a whore
but, hey, don’t point ya finger to me
I don’t give a damn, remember?
It’s you the perfect saint here
So, before judge me, judge your self, little shit


What if we try to fix
the broken promises that we listened
the dreams that we shared
the pain that made me look so despised
and found in you, a new route, a new north
so, gimme you hand and let’s enjoy

Not so lonely night

Another nightmare,
another night without you here
But it’s OK, it’s about you who i’m thinking
To calm down, to relax, to dreaming
about your hug, jokes, smile and kisses
About my hands in your hair
And how your scent still in the air
So, please, wake me up only when your head is laid into my chest

About unicorns and cookies

I can fill this lines with epics tales and sonetos,
but this one it’s about a little kitty, that we can call “Daniels”,
she is so pretty that you don’t want to let her go,
and warm that you don’t need to care about cold,
her smile it’s so wonderful,
that make me think about rainbows (?!)
and maybe eat cookie riding an unicorn,
No, i’m not using LSD or something like,
it’s her making me think about something good,love,  maybe porn?
calm down babe, it’s all just to rhyme, and don’t need to have sense,
but if you can understand it, give me another chance,
to make poems looking into your eyes, kissing you and never saying “goodbye”