So sad to say goodbye
but you must be left behind
from you I learn that love doesn’t hurt
expectations do
my scars are open and it’ all my fault
believe in shallow words were the worst of my quotes
but good lessons were be said
that we fall to rise
let’s turn off the lights
goodbye 2015



no end, empty sigh, common lie
shut eyes, deep breath, nothing left
drop hands, fake smile, we pretend
cold touch, leave us
nobody cares about us
nobody cared, nobody cared
no plan, blank pages, try rearranged
much complain, no understand
failed agreement
so sad, last lament
last memory is lament, no argument
no smile, no hug, no kiss, no trust
no sex, no idea, no talk, nothing less
than what we expect
from the exactly moment that we start
with all this mess


Surrounded by whispers

I am so lost that i can’t be found
only my demons surrounds
they embrace me and tell that’s all right
how can I not confide?
they are always by my side
whispering things about this and that
even in the mirror I can see them
they are the only ones that sings until I fall into sleep
and holds my hand when a fall is eminent
they share good things about other people
just to make me feel beloved and great
because my life sucks and soon will find the end
they also show me how stupid I can be
raping my will and making me believe
that I don’t deserve the air that I breath



Soweth the anger to harvest the epiphany
hurt, pain and screams to celebrate
the understand of your existence
underneath your happy face
you know the hungry will eat you from inside
your soul enjoy the party
cuz your sins have finally been defeated
but your heart are a great deceiver
betrays you, lied to you, make you believes
that this is all a painful mistake
the posibility of a new begining is awful
so, you neglects all you conquers
to regress to your selfishness
enjoying your blasphemy and mediocrity



Walking with my head down
I don’t want to look up, don’t want to stare the sun
following my regrets to find my home
a trail of hurt leading the way
warning me about what is coming
sad words about my personal hell
only shades of grey
no roses on my grave
but who I want to betray?
with a rope around my neck
why I will need a grave, we already know
nobody care about me 
leave me here to rotten
with my silly dreams about a happy ending
but here is the irony
ending with this pain, isn’t a better end?


Forever ≠ Ephemeral

Your “forever”
sounds so ephemeral
that you already knows… doesn’t means “eternal”
the only thing here that can really “stay” for more than one day
is your nonsense of logical, always acting so hypocritical
hipster is your costume, “I always win,you must lose” is your quote
every morning a different name to choose
every night a different partner to deceive
where you are hiding your suicide note?
So again, let’s pretend that we love each other “forever”

Even Adam Sandler make a better drama

…bitter feelings
better endings
we still pretend
we barely staged
even Adam Sandler can make a better drama
our cancer are no longer in coma
but even our disease doesn’t want stay with us
lack of maturity, lack of purpose of existence
from our soul to our guts
we are completely rotten
but with fake noses
so, who can describe our scent?
better cologne doesn’t exist
our costume of human being
are only used in eight hours per day
but please, answer me
that’s why we all look like a rotten zombie?
walking around, whispering about last post
about last fuck, about how to get a lot of money?
it might be better when zombies were more interested in brains …