from inside to out
you spit it out without waiting for the answer
stillborn like your doubt
your empathy for commit sins are so stout
the death of your ideal are inside of your gut
but stop your crying
we all know this is all just a beautiful lie
that you say to yourself night after night


Nod to your fraud

You nod
and look to all scene, to this big fraud
acting like a God, or maybe a demigod
architecting with a lot of parsimony your own jihad
poor mortals with zero intelect
ready to kill each other
just to reach your affection
amazing your neglect
to see this sea off blood
fists turned in prods
how this makes you proud?
blood and guts to feed your ego
even a spirit of a good man, that made a bad deal with the demon
just to watch you smile, listen your laugh
but what you have to care about?
It’s never your fault
hey, look
another gut and now he negotiates his lungs
just to see your… nod


Still pretending?

You make me laugh, when i remember
of all that bullshits that you said
about me
made me feel special, singular
like the most bright star
but now I know
this is your regular speech
just to reach
the point that you want, make jokes on me
“in love with”
how many stupid that you catch?
silly smile, soft style, like bon vivant
“who cares about what I want?”
improvise rhyme, nonsense style
just to make pair with your character
you play a dirty game
from begin to end
like a stupid pretender
better finish it here
without give you a name
but if the hat already fit
smile and use it with your less expensive suit



Interesting think about when you lie
you always look up
like asking permission from God to
choke another truth
when your eyes bow down
you believe that you wear a crown
but royal blood means nothing here
sobbing, crying, I only see one utility for your tears
wash my hands and laugh about all this dirty ideas
that you made me hear


Broken Mirrors

it’s disgusting thinking
that I not talk about you…
It’s about my worst enemy
He appears in my dreams, talks to me
He laughs about my silly jokes, my old histories
scared how he knows some details
looks like he been there
but also get me mad it’s when he appears when I’m woken
That’s why all my mirrors are broken…


The Thing

Last night, before sleep
I turn off the lights, I’m alone…well, I believed
but from behind the door
a shadow appear, and faster, jump to under of my bed
I think “hell, it’s my cat?”
“I am sure that I closed the door, how she came inside?”
but the breathing and goggle-eye
the sharp teeth that “it” show to me with a sick smile
“his” blabbermouth whispering truths about me
WTF is this?
one of my demons that came to rip me off?
after a minute or two, believing that it’s not a nightmare
I tried to reach, touch, talk, but this “thing” stayed away
after one hour, I sit down, tired
and finally
“the thing” stopped the whispering
slowly, crawling, it come closer
and for my completely despair
I recognize his face…his dark brown eyes, his bald, his scars
and crying, sobbing, choking in his own puke
with no words, no speak, he hugs me
and finaly, I feel complete