Feeded by disillusion
Of different ways
To end up with this pain
About me again
Won’t gonna change
Your point of view
About me, this new



My arms are bleeding
Tears from the deep
Dark side
Of my sins
Of me
You don’t like it
You don’t want this
It’s heavier than you can lift
This cross don’t belongs to you
But the nail that hits hard
Came from your hands


I dream about someone Someone who I never ever seen
Her eyes are like stars
That brightens my darkest night
Her lips addicted my heart
Her touch bleed me apart
Never fell more comfortable in another hug
Your love are my shelter
From the most intense storm
So where are you
My guard angel
Please, leave my imagination


She came
Smile from shame
Pretty, full of sins
Gorgeous lips
Eyes with shine
Talks about beer and wine
Chaos from mind
She xplodes my mind
Three hour after insanity
Depravity, immorality
She ask for a kiss
Deep breath, long breath
Her lips
That kiss
I can die
I feel alive
Please, don’t leave
Without one more taste of your lips

About society

It’s truth
Nobody loves you
When you don’t have
A fake smile for a poor joke
When truth that you speak
Offends the ego, their Kingdom
And paints a black spot
In their soul
Cuz nobody want the title
Of motherfucker
But many are a cocksucker
When needs to climb
In this stupid society