Wings denied

She came
Like flame
Burns me
Turned into dust my agony
Show me a meaning of life
Wrong or right
What really matters it’s
You make me fly
But my wings are denied
And I Understand why
After all my tears and cries
This strong rain falls outside


Darkness that guide
My soul to your heart
Embrace me until the shine
Make me run back blind

Full of grey

I look up
There’s no sun
Grey it’s not only in my soul
Only shades of greed
Appears in this lonely day
There’s no you and me today
Even my demons leave me behind
In this day full of grey
I wrote my sins in many papers
Burned it all
And threw away
That’s why everything it’s grey


I long
By the end of my mistakes
I Lay Dying
In the midst of my own vomit
I request
Denied attention, repaid with contempt
I look
The return of all against me
As always I sold the wrong as right
And even in the usual cynicism of misleading
Guilt screams, struggles like a fish in the brush with death
Smothered by the air of life, screams for help
And like me, is totally discredited
Wrapped sins, waiting for the inevitable end
Beautiful weekend, but not for me
Still longing …