poem, poetry

Always guilty

There is nothing to hide
I always had confidence
in that forgiveness would be given
but always wrong
always guilty
I am stupid and forgot
once condemned
there is no peace in the soul
limbo already awaits me
even the devil wants me around
God goes by my side
but forgot that I’m not the guide
together we go to the darkest corner of my mind
but alone I whisper my sins
there is no one here
there is no one to hear me
abandoned and suffocated
Fueled only by my sins …

poema, poetry

That have my name

There’s a mistake
That have my name
Same life time
Same ugly design
Hopefully for his end near
Only bad feelings and bullshits in his being
But wait
It have feelings, it have meaning?
It so just like me and nothing can change it
So, tha hell, have no reason to hide it
It is me
Maybe the fuck up mistake here
It’s do no admit it early…