Listen to… It’s All Red

Metalcore was the Nu Metal of the last generation of metal, a fusion of styles that generated many bands and many followers, but it was somewhat “bad” for the most metal traditionalist generation.
Among numerous bands that were successful, we have Killswitch Engage, Godforbid, Trivium are the main bands of the movement, and have a numerous “copies”.
But also there were great bands that emerge at the end of the mainstream of the movement, and here arises the band I’m going to talk about today …

It’s All Red is a band from southern Brazil, more precisely from Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, whence arise bands of various styles, with an underground scene that was already very strong.

I have also made part of the band in the first formation when does not have a name, but thank’s to heaven there was no record of it – I was horrible, not that I have improved a lot, but at that time I was really terrible.

With strong influences from bands like In Flames, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, the band has a sound that can be very private. Below I leave the music link I like. You may notice a series of mudaças in the band, especially in the vocal part, since each release the band has undergone changes in its formation.

The band is currently working a new material since signed with a European label and we will soon have new tracks for headbanging !

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