Don’t like it…Não curta isso…

There is no reason to doubt
but there is to ask
if there even with to worry about
once all the values have been lost
and we are all just items for sale
prices lower than expected for what is most wanted
super valued artificial automatons
are desired by the external
fuck the internal
breathe the fierce anger of latest fashion
step on the fresh flowers of obsession
there is no charm in speech
just read the false pretenses of pseudo philosophical poets of the new century
Be embraced by the oppressors tentacles of false friendship and immorality
kiss the cold screen of your access to the artificial world that you are playing all the time
Living through a cold and distant touch
Don’t “like” this post …

Não há porque duvidar
mas há o que se perguntar
se há mesmo com o que se preocupar
uma vez que todos os valores foram perdidos
e todos somos apenas artigos a venda
preços abaixo do esperado pelo que é mais procurado
super valorizado os artificiais automatos
somos desejados pelo externo
foda-se o interno
respire o furor da ultima moda
pise sobre as flores vivas da obcessão
não há mais encanto no falar
apenas leia as falsas intenções dos pseudo poetas filosóficos do novo século
Seja abraçado pelos tentáculos opressores da falsa amizade e imoralidade
beije a fria tela do seu acesso ao mundo artificial que tu se joga a todo momento
Viva através de um toque frio e distante
Não “curta” esse post…

Listen to… It’s All Red

Metalcore was the Nu Metal of the last generation of metal, a fusion of styles that generated many bands and many followers, but it was somewhat “bad” for the most metal traditionalist generation.
Among numerous bands that were successful, we have Killswitch Engage, Godforbid, Trivium are the main bands of the movement, and have a numerous “copies”.
But also there were great bands that emerge at the end of the mainstream of the movement, and here arises the band I’m going to talk about today …

It’s All Red is a band from southern Brazil, more precisely from Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, whence arise bands of various styles, with an underground scene that was already very strong.

I have also made part of the band in the first formation when does not have a name, but thank’s to heaven there was no record of it – I was horrible, not that I have improved a lot, but at that time I was really terrible.

With strong influences from bands like In Flames, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, the band has a sound that can be very private. Below I leave the music link I like. You may notice a series of mudaças in the band, especially in the vocal part, since each release the band has undergone changes in its formation.

The band is currently working a new material since signed with a European label and we will soon have new tracks for headbanging !

You must play… Silent HIl

Silent Hill is certainly a game that is among the most tense of all time.
With influences of the most diverse, the series that began in the PS one has a legion of fans, even if it has undergone some changes over the years.
The first game in the series already showed what came with very good graphics and an absurdly creepy soundtrack, focusing on dry and metallic noise, incessant disturbances caused panic to the bravest of the players.
As a fan of the series, I was led to make music based on the game, and the link below you can hear the latest creation that made based on the teaser of the new game in the series, “Silent Hils”, this game will be produced by anyone unless Hido Kojima, mentor of the series “Metal Gear Solid”, another franchise games of which I am big fan.

N. / N.

maybe it’s just the wind
but i can hear a singing
about my guilty
about my sins

I searched with my eyes
but nothing has been find
only excuses
only excuses

Screaming without sound
many faces, many expressions
but the real face was never shown
maybe cuz i’m a stupid clown

talvez seja apenas o vento
mas eu posso ouvir um canto
sobre a minha culpa
sobre meus pecados

Eu procurei com os meus olhos
mas nada tem sido encontrar
apenas desculpas
apenas desculpas

Gritando sem som
muitas faces, muitas expressões
mas o rosto real nunca foi mostrado
talvez porque eu sou um palhaço estúpido

Listen to… In Flames

The band In Flames is originally from Sweden, the birthplace of a movement that began in the ’90s, called melodic death metal. Fast riffs and drums idem, with vocals ranging from the shouted and sung, makes the bands have the most different influences, from Iron Maiden to Metallica.
In Flames is one of the bands that stands out in the genre and one of the most striking for very distinct phases, beginning with a more “death metal” and today with something closer to a “metal rock”, always with great ideas riffs, lyrics about existentialism or personal conflicts, creative batteries and at different pitches, is certainly a band that deserves to be heard with the volume on the stalk!

To those who are still unaware of the band, following four videos that demonstrate how dynamic is the band.

Death Metal era

New Death Metal

“Nu metal era”


There are pieces of you in me / Há pedaços de ti em mim

There are pieces of you in me
and as much as I tear me
I cut, I destroy me
you still here

there is no easy way to solve it
there is no way to make this easier
it may be wiser to go for an exile
but you still here with me

Há pedaços de ti em mim
e por mais que eu me rasgue
eu me corte, eu me destrua
tu ainda esta aqui

não há forma fácil de solucionar isso
não há como tornar isso mais fácil
talvez seja mais sensato ir para um exilio
mas tu continua aqui comigo