Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Month: July, 2014

Thanks for nothing

You make me believe in a dream
That never come true
Cuz you are a great illusionist
And make a little glass of water looks like an ocean

And nothing it’s so good like your world
Where you are king or queen
Named your court with good friends
Make execution with your own hands
Make me feel guilty again and again

I grab my own neck

Strong that I can I choke it
I want kill ugly things, I need kill ugly things
And nothing it’s more ugly than a man that burn his own throne…


Last breath

This is my last breath
Maybe have sense
Maybe have something to understand

But it’s bigger than haiku
And i’am not a shogun
Or even a samurai

I’am not a honored warrior with a pretty blade
I’am just a stupid guy with my fingers and something to say

I try my best to keep my head up
My dreams don’t became truth
Maybe cause I fucked everything up

I have tried many ways to explain
How difficult it’s to me to understand
Why I need to lose again and again

Do not cry
I don’t deserve
Rest in peace, rotting rot…

If it’s make sense…

Wind blows away your idea of right
Now and then you will find a way
Even if it takes too much time
You will find me in the end
With my arms wide open…

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No north/sem norte (just a few words /só algumas palavras)

i have no words, cuz everything’s so confused, my life lose the north and i forget the south.
Nothing make sense when the wind blows away your idea of right…

Não tenho palavras, porque tudo é tão confuso, a minha vida perde o norte e eu esqueço o sul.
Nada faz sentido quando o vento sopra longe a sua idéia de certo …




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