Another Rung

Another day,
another rung in this infinite ladder
look up, it’s the only way
for us, the commoners
without equity,
how do you can talk about meritocracy?
The north, the Sun
the warm used to burn
our eyes, our dreams,
our seeking for meaning
stay away from the borders
that keep safe our employers

We Failed

He carried our sins to a cross
and died for us
how proud He felt to gave to us a second chance
but we spit on his grave
every second, every moment
sins by sins we build a castle of horror and decadence
good omens are forgotten
bad manners are the hymn
we failed with Him
we failed with Him
we failed with Him
he died for nothing
we kill for everything
shame, arrogance and epiphany
recipe for another vendetta
against all the lessons and reasons that He
teached, prayed and gave
his soul, his life and his body
against all the odds, scars and wounds
that we trow against Him,
we aimed to kill, He resisted to prevail
His lessons that we burned in filthy consciouns
bad manners are the hymn
we failed with Him
we failed with Him
we failed with Him
he died for nothing
we kill for everything

Bad Act

The perfect sound
of the inner ground
cracking, breaking, bleeding
the heart stops, the beating
mute like a dry river
no mirror to see the tears
reflection of the inner fears
smelling, feeling, falling
smell the concrete
no need to act
the movie already over,
you are not in the character
you are just the same person that you hate
you are just the same person that you gave
all the guilty of this shame

Raise Your Voice

A speech dead into your throat
silenced by your fears
drowned by your tears
a sinless oath
against all the odds
you must raise your voice
shout against the same choice
old regrets, old merciless
raise your voice, bring the noise
stolen dreams never became
the reality that you deserve
so, raise your voice
give them no choice
raise your voice
shout about what makes you a prisioner, a whore
don’t let them keep putting you down
face in the ground
to mute your shouts
so, raise your voice

(inspired by Hatebreed and Parkway Drive, try to “listen” these lines)

Yes, They Prevail

They prevail
by harsh words,
by mental conspiracy
illusion makes words became swords
they cut your flesh, rape your soul
is the new fragrance
they uses to put you under control
Guilty pleasure
seems to be the new fashion
cuz nothing that you can say will convince me
that they still believing
in this puddle of shit is the answer


Numb, like a wasp
seeking the light
the one that blinds
the one that give end to life
Why the end must be so harsh?
Like swallow broken glass,
put a knife against the heart
cross your fingers and pray to a false God
not, if it is so good why so much sorrow and scars?
Dumb, like a drunk
no meaning of life in a shout about junk
a broken glass became a microphone
let’s sing about our sins,
let’s show the hollow of our souls
join the army of ghouls
it’s so simple to play this role


Maybe I’m a bad influence
this make me think about decadence
how could a depressed person be a influence
for a generation that even care
about know each other?
Gimme likes and I think about it
share my lies and you can be hired
don’t you think that I can denied?
It, that, this, bye and whys
give me one more line
just to make you think about it
nonsense is the hymn from the generation IG
facebook already died, let this RIP
digital influencer have a zombie squad
who cares about think if you just need to like the link
140 characters of perfect true
how empty are you?
This flow are so dense that you can feel your head bowdown
or it’s just your cellphone hitting the ground?