Inside my…

Rhymes with vibes

Quiet Like…

Silence, quiet like a cemetery
don’t look, don’t blame the query
of another trick from the mystery
of the misery of our agony
fed by the little pieces of epiphany
that we reach
when our mind and heart collide
and we finnaly see
the end of our misery


Rotten Parts

inside….of me
make me wish
tear a part, cutting
these evil deeds inside of my constant fall
like a dead Robin
no singing in this morning
just rotten parts of a broken heart

The zombie squad

by the need
of being accepted
by who? for who?
society that easily can be described
like a zombie squad
that don’t hunt brains
they care more about the chains
that you can avoid
if you just don’t do what they want you to do
but, how hard it is, isn’t?

Enjoy, King of Nothing

The small price that you pay
To be this silly boy
No peace because you already know
how deep is the hole
that you put into your own soul
just to fit
in this rotten world
that you think that you can be the king
but, as always
you have being betrayed
by your own stupidity
king of nothing
fool for everybody

Own Realm

We can’t get far enough
from the comfort zone
from the quicksand that our feets love
bluff, we don’t care about telling another bluff
just to convince ourselves
that we have our own realm
but, if we are the pierrot
who gonna sit in the throne?

11 words truth

Hell is for heroes
no intent to be poetic or aesthetic

What Happened to You?

What happened to you?
are you still sleeping or
living a open eye nightmare, oh sure
it’s a living dreaming about a constant pour
like cheap wine
we drink our lies
like cheap wine
we puke our sins and bribes
What happened to you?
crawling, from roof to the floor
walking like zombie
waiting for the liberating roar of that closed door
like cheap wine
we drink our lies
like cheap wine
we puke our sins and bribes
No keys, no corridor
no way to lose the weight
of the sins that we carried and fed
no matter how strong is our faith

About cookies, unicorns and four hours sleep…

About marriage
what can I say?
You are the bride
I am the lucky man
soon will have a baby
short nights of sleep
smiles for a life, you and me
I making jokes
and baking some cookies
you teaching our little kids
about unicorns and positive quotes
the most beautiful thing in this
it’s not me dreaming
it’s about to happening
soon, my beloved darling

Lost about a simple truth

Lost about
how do you do
this kind of miracle
with a simple
truly simple smile
save my life
not just for awhile
but for a constant reminder
that you print into my mind

Home Sweet Home

I’m sure when I say
that’s there no place
that I want to stay
for a life time, for now to the end of my days
other than in your arms